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Practical Information 


You find me in the city of Montreux at ‘Avenue des Alpes 56’, on the 1st floor. It’s located in the Centre de soins Les Alpes. There are several good connections with public transport.  


By bus: To arrive by bus, you should get out at the stop 'Montreux, Rue du Marché. Buses 204, 205 and 206 are stopping here.

For more information, I advise you to look on the VMCV website.


By train: During the day there are several trains stopping at the station of ‘Montreux’. When you leave the train station in direction of the lake, you turn left. From there it’s approximately five minutes walk to my praxis. 

More information you can find on the CFF website.

Treatment Room

In order to get physiotherapy treatment, you will need Swiss medical insurance and a prescription from your doctor or specialist. Your basic medical insurance covers physiotherapy, but keep in mind that you only will be reimbursed once you used your franchise. The franchise is what you pay in medical costs before the insurance coverage kicks in. In Switzerland, you can get medical insurance with a franchise varying from fr. 300,- to fr. 2500,-

There is a possibility to receive treatment at home (à domicile), if you can't make it to my praxis, because of physical or psychological reasons. Make sure that your doctor indicates that it concerns home treatment on your prescription.


The following rates for the diverse treatment options apply to most of my clients; those referred by the doctor or specialist with a medical prescription. These rates are the result of an agreement between the ‘Swiss Physiotherapy Association’ and the medical insurances. It's the same price in the whole canton of Vaud. You can find a detailed list on the website of the 'Swiss Physiotherapie Association' or you can click here.


There is a possibility to receive treatment without a prescription, but keep in mind that there is no reimbursement from your insurance and that the price is different than stated in the agreement. 

For more information, feel free to contact me.

First Treatment
First Treatment

Please bring your medical insurance card for the first treatment, so that I can fill in all the necessary data. You can bring as well all sorts of information that could acquire me a more in-depth insight into your health problem. Think here about letters from doctors and specialists, X-ray images, CT scans, etc.

In case of an accident, I will need the name of the insurance company, date of your accident and the claim number (numéro de sinistre). If you are an employee, then you should report the accident to your employer. Your boss will inform his insurance and provide you with the necessary information. If you are not working, still studying or  have your own business, then the accident will be covered by your regular health insurance.


I will provide you with a towel, but you are welcome to bring one from home, and by using it several times, we can work together on a better planet.


If you can’t make it to your appointment, then please try to cancel the appointment 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, I have to charge for the session. It gives me as well the time to plan a session with someone else in need of treatment.  If you are sick, then you should stay home, get some rest, and we will book a replacement session once you are back in shape. 

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